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Fuel cell membrane electrode material development and testing solutions

HTS series fuel cell membrane electrode (MEA) test and evaluation equipment, temperature and humidity pressure control system, combined with fuel cell low voltage and high current power generation characteristics, are used for MEA polarization curve analysis, endurance analysis, and pressure test analysis. At the same time, it is equipped with electrochemical analysis function, which can perform CV / LSV / AC Impedance and other electrochemical analysis and failure mode analysis functions.

 Fuel cell stack development and testing solutions 

HephaStationseries fuel cell short / long reactor (5 ~ 150kW) complete development and testing program. Accurate temperature, humidity, automatic pressure control function, with grid-connected electronic load function. The equipment has the function of monitoring the partial pressure of the stack above 400chs, and has the functions of monitoring the temperature and pressure of the inlet and outlet of the three-chamber stack of the stack. The anode hydrogen circulation module can be added according to customer needs.  


Fuel cell system (Engine) development and testing solutions

The HEOS system development evaluation device is used for fuel cell system development and component BoPintegration testing. The system specification is 80 ~ 200kW, which can be integrated and matched with the environmental warehouse, and evaluate the development and integration of different systems BoP, DC/DC, FCU. The system is equipped with auxiliary modules such as high and low voltage power supply, withstand voltage insulation and air tightness test. 

It can also be used as production off-line (EOL) testing equipment.


Fuel cell process 
equipment solutions

Preparation schemes for coating, hot pressing and dispensing of fuel cell membrane electrode (MEA) or bipolar plate (Bipolar Plate). Provide fuel cell manufacturing solutions from the laboratory to the production line to facilitate research and development personnel to carry out product trial production and diversity development evaluation steadily. At the same time provide related consumables, mold tooling and other solutions to resolve the case.  

Fuel cell production
 Automation solutions

TheProMEAfuel cell production automation solution mainly provides various production solutions from fuel cell MEA to battery stack. The product has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility and flexibility. With the online quality analysis system, the product quality can be controlled in real time and linked with the production management system.  

Flow battery test solutions

Provide a Flow Battery evaluation device, including a flow management system and related tooling fixtures, users can fill and operate the energy storage liquid in a simple way. The system protects the energy storage liquid with nitrogen and accurately controls the flow rate. The system can Analysis of battery charge and discharge performance and material impedance. At the same time provide related material solutions.  

Electrolyzer test solutions

Electrolyzertest solution, focusing on the development and evaluation of electrolytic cell materials and stack development. At the same time provide related electrolytic battery materials and related clamps. The test platform can evaluate the material polarization curve and AC impedance analysis spectrum. Can simultaneously produce high-temperature electrolyzertest solutions.  

Electrochemical analysis solutions

The electrochemical workstation can be used for the development and research of new energy materials such as fuel cells, lithium batteries, and solar cells. It can perform constant potential or constant current charge and discharge and cycle life tests for catalysts, electrode materials, etc. The main application of electrochemical technology and methods for analysis of charge and discharge, cyclic voltammetry, linear voltammetry and AC impedance. At the same time, the ring disk electrode module is provided for rotating electrode method testing.  


Power electronics test solutions


Hephasprovides all kinds of direct AC power supply, direct AC electronic load, Shuangjipower supply, safety test, automotive electronic test and other products. The system power ranges from 10W to 200kW. It focuses on the development and testing of high-end power electronic systems and safety testing. It has high accuracy and stable power supply or load quality. Any frequency conversion and fluctuation adjustment can be carried out.  

Fuel cell key material supply solutions

Provide high and low temperature fuel cell proton exchange membrane (PEM / HTPEM), ionic solution (IonmerSolution), catalyst (Catalyst), gas diffusion layer (GDL), bipolar plate (Bipolar Plate), edge material (Sub-Gasket) And other key material supply solutions.  

Fuel cell GDL(Gas Diffusion Layer) material solutions

Provide fuel cell gas diffusion layer carbon (Cloth), carbon (Paper) and other solutions, can make different PTFE hydrophobic treatment and microporous layer (MPL) treatment solutions for the operating environment. Various types of products can be applied to different temperature and humidity operation, high and low current environmental conditions such as micro power supplies, air-cooled FC batteries, vehicle FC batteries, and aviation FC batteries.  

High temperature SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) material solutions

Provide high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) materials, stacks, test bench solutions. Anode support (ASC), electrolyte support (ESC) cell sheets and electrode materials can be provided. At the same time, it provides various SOFC reformer (Reformer), burner (Burner), connecting plate (Interconnect) and other parts solutions.  

High-end graphite material supply solutions

Provide high-grade carbon plates (Plate), composite graphite (Composite), carbon felt (Felt), barrel tank (Cylinder) and other high-performance graphite materials. It is used in different scenarios such as fuel cell bipolar plates, solar cell thermal field materials, PECVD carrier disk materials, coated chassis materials, casting insulation materials, thermal field structure support materials, steel roller materials, etc.  

Fuel cell power generation display system

Provide PEMFC / HTPEM / DMFC / SOFC and other power generation display systems, which can be used for system integration development, demonstration and other functions, and can be used with renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, and hydrogen supply systems for micro-grid demonstration integration. Hephas provides related system integration, teaching and training and other related services.