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                                    Vision & Mission 

'' We believe that you need not only equipment,

but also professional services. ''

Become a professional partner for customers in the field of testing solutions and component supply, and create products with the characteristics of "competitive quality", "competitive innovation" and "competitive price".

Hephas Energy Corporation is a professional supplier of energy testing equipment and critical system components. Mainly aiming at the future green energy related industries, especially the test equipment and main components of the fuel cell industry, we will carry out development and design work to actively meet the needs of our customers.

In the battery test equipment solution, the company provides a series of various battery test equipment products from battery basic electrochemical analysis to system activation, endurance test, safety test, failure analysis and so on. Meet the needs of customers from different stages of material development, battery assembly, system design, product verification, etc. In addition to general battery test equipment, the company also has a series of test modules to provide more flexible solutions for single-function test of products.

Match Yours Needs 

『Match Your Needs!』-- Our deepest commitment to our customers. 

Hephas dedicate customer with our best capability and service for your satisfaction. We are your best professional partner on renewabale energy field. 

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