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Wind Turbines
Fuel cell key material supply solutions

Ionomr-Exchange membrane

Ionomr’s high-performance, progressive materials stimulate the renewable energy economy by enabling cleaner and more efficient technology solutions. As the world’s preeminent producer of ion exchange membranes and polymers for hydrogen production, hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage, and sustainable chemical systems our products enable new approaches to tackling global climate issues that reduce system costs, increase efficiency and maximize durability. In the emerging market for carbon-free transport, Ionomr offers the only products capable of enabling systems that are cost-competitive with internal combustion engines.


Neftec-High-end graphite material supply solutions

Provide high-grade carbon plates, composite graphite (Composite), carbon felt, barrel tank (Cylinder) and other high-performance graphite materials. It is used in different scenarios such as fuel cell bipolar plates, solar cell thermal field materials, PECVD carrier disk materials, coated chassis materials, casting insulation materials, thermal field structure support materials, steel roller materials, etc.


Avcarb-Fuel cell GDL(Gas Diffusion Layer) material solutions

Provide fuel cell gas diffusion layer carbon (Cloth), carbon (Paper) and other solutions, can make different PTFE hydrophobic treatment and microporous layer (MPL) treatment solutions for the operating environment. Various types of products can be applied to different temperature and humidity operation, high and low current environmental conditions such as micro power supplies, air-cooled FC batteries, vehicle FC batteries, and aviation FC batteries.


FCM-High temperature SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) material solutions

Provide high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) materials, stacks, test bench solutions. Anode support (ASC), electrolyte support (ESC) cell sheets and electrode materials can be provided. At the same time, it provides various SOFC reformer, burner, connecting plate (Interconnect) and other parts solutions.

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