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Working with HEPHAS

HEPHAS has invested more than 20 years of research and development in fuel cell testing equipment, new energy batteries, P2G energy storage batteries, fuel cell power generation systems and other related research fields, especially in the field of fuel cell testing.


HEPHAS provides complete and comprehensive product solutions for various parameter management of fuel cell testing, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, load, etc. The products cover testing solutions ranging from single cells to large stacks and systems. HEPHAS has invested a lot of research and development resources in the field of fuel cell testing, so that our products have excellent performance in hardware quality and accuracy. HEPHAS expects to bring customers fast and accurate battery test results and provide customers with flexible and complete test analysis solutions.


In terms of software design, HEPHAS adopts a more user-friendly and simple operation interface. In addition to the general IV Curve test, AC Impedance, Current Interrupt, and electrochemical cyclic voltammetry are also added. (Cyclic Voltammtry) and other electrochemical methods, so that users can get more complete and clear information on the test and analysis of fuel cells, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cell performance and the causes of failure.


In addition to the electrochemical analysis and testing of general single-channel batteries, the company's products also cover the needs of production line battery stack activation tests and battery system integration side tests from short reactor tests to system production line tests. In addition to providing general fuel cell test platform solutions, HEPHAS also provides various control and monitoring modules necessary for fuel cell testing to make your test system architecture more flexible.


The company's R & D personnel have many years of practical experience in the fuel cell field, and the products are highly competitive. In addition to general product sales, HEPHAS also provides complete technical consulting services. HEPHAS  hopes to use our core technical capabilities to strive to meet customer needs and provide customers with the most complete services. Become the customer's best supply chain partner.

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