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Fuel cell test Module and Accessories

740 Membrane Test System

The 740 MTS is ideally suited for development of new ionomers and solid electrolytes. It offers rapid and accurate measurement of the through-thickness membrane resistance and conductivity as a function of temperature, humidity level and pressure. The 740 MTS eliminates the time-consuming approach of catalyzing a membrane and assembling a fuel cell to evaluate the ionomer performance.


Electrochemical analysis solutions

The electrochemical workstation can be used for the development and research of new energy materials such as fuel cells, lithium batteries, and solar cells. It can perform constant potential or constant current charge and discharge and cycle life tests for catalysts, electrode materials, etc. The main application of electrochemical technology and methods for analysis of charge and discharge, cyclic voltammetry, linear voltammetry and AC impedance. At the same time, the ring disk electrode module is provided for rotating electrode method testing.


Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM)

Hephas fuel cell voltage monitors which are with high precision, high reliability, high acquisition speed and have high appraisal from our customers. Metis II can concatenate up to 600 channels and can be expanded in parallel for multi-stack application. TSAQ-CVM30 can concatenate 30 channels and have high flexibility with multiple interfaces. All these modules include operating software and data management.


S++ Current Scan Shunt

Simple method for current density distribution measurement in fuel cell stacks. With the current scan shunt, the current density distribution in fuel cells can be measured. Because of the simple internal structure it is suitable for mass production. It is easy to use and the evaluation electronic can be plugged by USB to any computer.


Power electronics test solutions

Hephas provides all kinds of direct AC power supply, direct AC electronic load, Bipolar power supply, safety test, automotive electronic test and other products. The system power ranges from 10W to 300kW. It focuses on the development and testing of high-end power electronic systems and safety testing. It has high accuracy and stable power supply or load quality. Any frequency conversion and fluctuation adjustment can be carried out.


Fuel Cell Test Fixture

Hephas provides the fixtures for fuel cell, flow battery and electrolysis. The function of fixture is that make sure no gas leakage. Hephas provides two types of fixtures: Screw assembly(Hephas, Scribner, etc.), Automatic assembly(Hephas, Baltic, etc.).

fuel cell fixture.jpg

MEA/Stack Gas Leakage Tester

Using Japanese company-ACE Inc. patent to develop MEA/Stack Gas Leakage Tester. The leakage measuring range is 0.1 sccm ~ 2.0 SLPM. This device can change different measuring range of MFM according to the customer needs. When users are testing the leakage of three cavities, they can measure the each leakage value of three cavities. 

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